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  2. Efforts for new infection control

Efforts for new infection control

  • About virus disinfection and cleaning
    ■Disinfectant is installed in this facility (lobby, dining venue, large communal bath).
    ■Employees regularly clean and clean the shared space in this facility.
    ■The facility is regularly ventilated.
    ■We clean the rooms to remove germs.
    ■A non-contact temperature measuring system is installed in front of the front desk.
    Please use when checking in.

  • About the restaurant
    Although it is a buffet menu, the contents are changed and provided.
    Staff will prepare rice and soup.
    We ask you to wear vinyl gloves when you take the buffet.
    plan may be offered in your room.

    We can accommodate you with more space than usual.
    In addition, some acrylic plates are installed to prevent splashes.
  • About employee correspondence
    ■Employees will wear masks and serve customers.
     We also wear face shields depending on the department.
    ■We carry out temperature measurement and disinfection of employees.
    ■We have an acrylic board installed at the front desk.
    ■We use a coin tray at the time of payment.

  • About using hot springs
    ■We have restricted access to hot springs.
    ■We are thinning out the lockers.
     If the lockers are full, we have a waiting room.
    ■We have a disinfectant solution.

  • About check-in
    ■Before check-in, we will measure your body temperature with a non-contact thermometer.
    ■Please present your identity verification documents at check-in.
    ■Please wear a mask when you enter the museum.