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Hot Springs

■ Hot Spring Qualities
Sodium · magnesium · bicarbonate, Chloride fountain

■ Bath indication
Neuralgia, muscle pain, arthralgia, frozen shoulder, fetus, chronic gastrointestinal disease, coldness, recovery from fatigue, health promotion, cuts, burns, chronic skin diseases etc.

Natural hot spring public bath

■, 1F, Open Air Bath, Inner Spa / Wellness Center
■, 3F, Utsunomiyuu bath, Kotashite hot water
   The bathroom of 1F and 3F is changed to "men's hot water" or "female hot water" on a daily basis.
Cleansing foam for ladies, lotions and lotions are placed but for men
There is no such thing.Please ask the front desk for use.
  • 1F / Inner Spa / Wellness Center

    It is a large public bath where impressive patterns of Ironaira stone spread over walls and floor.Mild melted hot water of natural hot spring is gentle on your skin.Soak in a spacious Beppu Onsen and enjoy the luxurious Beppu Onsen and sooth your everyday fatigue. The door behind you leads to an outdoor bath.
  • 1F / open-air bath

    I am surprised by the beauty of the ceiling and pillar cedar tree trees, which I can see as soon as it enters.The rugged rock that surrounds the bath is giving birth to a nostalgic sum of waves.The high quality hot springs soaked while watching trees such as mountains, mountains, mackerels and azaleas which make the four seasons feel makes you feel extreme.Please spend enough time to relax.
  • 3F / Inner Spa / Bathing / Hot Shot Hot Water

    It is a large public bath with a sense of mystery reminiscent of a cave hot spring.Please spread the limb fully in a large bathtub and enjoy the relaxed mood.On the wall there is hot water that hot water falls from the ceiling.Please try the massage effect that flushes under a mighty falling hot water.It is a hot spring that is unbearable for hot spring lovers.
  • 2F / Rest room

    We have installed a multifunctional massage chair (charged) so that you can rest your body leisurely in the bathing up.Please relax.
  • 1F · 3F / Dressing Room

Hot Springs

Beppu Onsen(Natural hot spring 100%) Hot Spring Baskdown ※It does not include artificial hot springs

Open Air Bath

There(Gender daily)Unavailable

Number of baths

"Outdoor bath] 1F 1
[Inner bath] 1F: 1 3F: 1
(1F and 3F change daily)