HOTEL SEAWAVE BEPPU[SEAWAVE / Official Reservation Website]

HOTEL SEAWAVE BEPPU is chosen nine points

POINT 1, Located in front of Beppu Station

  • 1 minute walk from Beppu Station East Exit! Do not hesitate to access · Transportation convenience!

    Beppu Station East Exit the entrance of Beppu Station East Exit (sea side), you can see the exterior of HOTEL SEAWAVE BEPPU. Even those who come to Beppu for the first time, you can access without getting lost.Access to the destination the next day, JR, bus, taxi and 1 minute walk, you can use without wasting travel time.

There are POINT 2, natural hot springs, open-air bath & large public bath!

  • You can enjoy Beppu Onsen at a reasonable business hotel!

    Room rate is set at cheap setting of business hotel, and it is equipped with outdoor bath of luxurious hot springs with source spill and large public bath.Please relax and enjoy the tiredness of your trip at HOTEL SEAWAVE BEPPU's authentic hot spring and have a blissful time."If you come to Beppu, it will be an absolute hot spring entertainment!"

POINT 3, a private free parking lot is nice!

  • Car or car rental welcome! Safe and convenient for coming by car

    We offer special space in front of the station, private parking lot for guests.As well as accessing the hotel with my car, it is popular as "convenient for the action schedule of the next day".※Parking on large buses is not possible.For details, please contact the front desk.

POINT 4, Enrichment of facilities around the hotel

  • Located in the center of Beppu! You can also eat, drink and walk around the hot springs!

    Around the HOTEL SEAWAVE BEPPU, a downtown area in Beppu spreads, various stores such as convenience store / old restaurant restaurant / Izakaya / stylish BAR / cafe line up.In addition, public hot Ekimae Koto Onsen such as Takegawara Onsen and Ekimae Koto Onsen Takegawara Onsen are also nearby, Beppu Onsen Tour you can enjoy Beppu Onsen Tour.

POINT 5, safe for women and older people

  • Security perfect! Chic room and secure security

    The stylish exterior which imaged the ship, the rooms are chic and have a calm time.The front desk is on the second floor, and Beppu Station Police Box diagonally in front of HOTEL SEAWAVE BEPPU. We will offer you a safe time for everyone.


  • You can overlook the station home and Beppu cityscape

    Overlooking Beppu's streets lined with old and new buildings, entertaining tourists throughout Japan and around the world.There are also rooms with a view of JR Beppu Station, which is also popular as a Tetsujuku. There is a moderate distance feeling, noise and so on are not bothersome.

POINT 7, plentiful plan choose

  • Fulfilling plan tailored to the style of travel! No meal · Breakfast buffet only · Dinner included

    Breakfast is a happy Japanese style & Western mixed buffet! For customers who want to spend the night in the evening, we also offer a plan with dinner.From business use to sightseeing, you can choose from various plan according to your travel.

POINT 8, Free PC · All rooms equipped with Wi-Fi

  • Stay in a pleasant environment! Prepare for the day and next day too

    A PC installed in the lobby can be used free of charge.Guests with PC · smartphone can connect to Wi-Fi in the room.If you suddenly find business, investigate and schedule the next day, HOTEL SEAWAVE BEPPU can do it comfortably!
    Also, Pepper-kun has arrived.
    Please, try playing.

POINT 9, Business hotel pricing

  • Excellent cost performance! , 16 to 17 m² in single, wide

    HOTEL SEAWAVE BEPPU is characterized by abundant services that change the image of the business hotel, but the rates remain reasonable.The breakfast / dinner and the plan suite room can be used reasonably.

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